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Photographic Society of America Recognized Exhibitions
The Photographic Society of America (PSA) supports a system of recognizing photo competitions for photographers worldwide. The recognized exhibitions are published each month in the PSA Journal and on the PSA web site. These exhibitions have agreed to conform to the PSA Exhibition Standards (ES). The exhibitions are categorized by technique and subject interest with the most current closing dates in each category listed first. You need not be a PSA member to enter any of the exhibitions, but only PSA members can apply their exhibition acceptances toward PSA Star Ratings. The Camera Council is proud to be a member of the Photographic Society of America.

2022 PSA Council Challenge

TCACCC sent its entry to the 2022 PSA Council Challenge. Judging will take place in July or August 2022.

View information about the photographs included in the 2022 entry.

2021 PSA Council Challenge

Three photographers from the Twin Cities Area Council of Camera Clubs were awarded Honorable Mention in the 2021 PSA Council Challenge: Karl Fiegenschuh, Al Kieker and Fred Sobottka.


2020/2021 PSA PID Competition

Minnesota Valley Photo Club (MVPC) has entered the Projected Image Division Competition put on by the Photographic Society of America for the past four years. Clubs start in Group E, meaning the clubs in Groups A-D have been entering for more years. Each year some clubs may be moved up into the next group.

In the 2020/2021 national competition, MVPC won an Award and an Honorable Mention in each of the three rounds. At the end of the three rounds, MVPC ended up in 4th place for Group E. Congratulations on this accomplishment!


December 2020 TCACCC Results from the PSA Council’s Challenge

The results from the PSA Council’s Challenge are final, and the TCACCC had two photographers that scored very high.

    • David Perez of the MN Valley Photo Club, scored an Honorable Mention with the Color image “Knife Edge
    • Beverly Hawkins of the Women’s Color Photo Club, also won an Honorable Mention with the Nature image “Love Is In the Air”.

Congratulations to both of our winners. The TCACCC will be entering the PSA Council’s Challenge again in 2021 with the top winners from the 2021 Interclub Competition.

— Information provided by Gene Schwope, PSA Representative for TCACCC.

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