TCACCC Interclub Competition


Each year the Camera Council (Twin Cities Area Council of Camera Clubs) sponsors an interclub competition between its affiliated clubs and their members. The competition has two parts — one for individuals and one for clubs to compete against each other. The deadline for entries is usually 5 p.m. on the first Saturday in February. Awards are announced at Spring Break or by the end of March if a Spring Break event is not held.

Individual Competition:  Members of affiliated clubs are eligible to enter the individual competition. There are four digital categories:  Contemporary, Nature, Monochrome (new), and Realistic.  Normally, there are two print categories (Monochrome and Color), but because of Covid, there will be no print competitions in 2021.

Club Competition:  The club competition is meant to pit a representative set of 20 member images from each club with those of other clubs.

All rules and entry forms will be posted in November or early December.  Here are the rules from 2020.  The rules for 2021 will change, but will be similar.






This year the North Metro Photo Club will have primary responsibility for the Interclub Competition and the Minneapolis Photographic Society will be the assisting club.  Click here to see which clubs will be responsible in future years.


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